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Complete data migration. We can migrate data and documents from and/or to all of the HR, Recruitment and Payroll / Invoicing systems below. If you do not see your system in this list, rest assured we are quick to assimilate new technologies and can almost certainly help you with your requirement.

We can process data for all versions of MS-SQL server, Oracle (up to V12), MySQL, Sybase plus databases such as Access and Filemaker in house plus an increasing number of in-house and third-party data access tools.  We also work with multiple operating systems so can handle your data whether it is on Windows, Linux or Mac or in the cloud. We can usually take the native database and migrate it systems without the need for the end user to run their own exports to intermediate file formats.

We have migrated from / to or both from all of these systems and more including many bespoke systems…



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these CRMs