How do we provide our data to you to work on?

We try to make this as painless as possible.
We don’t expect our customers to work out how to extract their data. So we run multiple secure servers of many types – we can process data from all versions of MSSQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and “NOSQL” databases such as Mongo DB plus desktop databases such as Access and Filemaker – we have invested in an increasing number of in-house and third-party data access tools so we can take your native database backup format no matter what it is. We advise on how to organise and/or request a backup from your current provider

Where do you operate?

Currently most of our migrations are for UK and US / Canadian recruitment organisations. We have also worked with customers in the EU and APAC regions even as far afield as Mongolia for an oil-industry recruitment agency

Our secure migration centre is based in the UK and most worldwide operations are performed remotely by the UK team We also have developers available in the US and Australia where needed

What if the system we want to move from is not on your list?

We have vast experience and can migrate from almost any system without needing a partnership with source data provider. If we have not encountered your system before then our data detectives can analyse your existing system we will provide you with a fixed-cost extraction / migration plan

What if the system we want to move to is not on your list?

When migrating to a system we need to have a relationship with the provider / developer of this system. We have showcased our most requested / popular target systems but we have migrated to other systems too. Get in touch to let us know what you want to move to – if we have done it before we can quote a fixed-cost fee. If we have not migrated to your preferred target system before then we recommend you ask them if they can work with us to deliver your migration – we will be happy to explain the benefits of this and will then work with the new software company to develop seamless procedures tailored to their specific software and preferred way of working. There will be additional set-up time required for our first project with a new target system but there will be no additional charge for this set-up work – just a perfect migration at a reasonable cost