Our History

Gerald Morgan

I am the founder of DataMigrator – After 36 years in IT, 23 of which have been in the  Recruitment and HR sectors, I am still passionate about finding new and better ways for people and technology to work together to transform business.

The origins of our Data Migration experience can be traced back to 1996 when I became the first Head of IT for a London-based Medical recruitment agency. With my team we built an outstanding technology platform integrating off-the-shelf recruitment and payroll software with early web technologies.

In 1999 as CTO, I co-founded the world’s first end-to-end online Temp recruitment business. Re-thinking the whole temp agency business into a unique hybrid of on-line and call-centre based services. With £10 Million first-round funding we faced many challenges to produce a secure scalable platform in a short amount of time and achieved this with a combination of already available technology, Bond Adapt, and advanced bespoke development to make Adapt work as a web-based self-service platform for our candidates and clients.

In 2006/2007 our on-line agency had evolved into a more traditional offering that was still highly effective but did not require the on-going level of technology investment we had before. I moved on to start a specialist IT recruitment business – but I had one last big project to undertake before I left…We needed to move from the unique hybrid platform I had created to a capable system that could be supported without me being around. I migrated all of our data and documents from Bond Adapt + our hybrid system into a system called IQX, and it is still going strong today. Just a few weeks into starting my IT Recruitment business, I was asked by IQX if I could do another migration from Adapt – and the rest is history!

Since then we have worked with many other Recruitment software houses and have now run 100’s of projects migrating and transforming data and documents between over 90 different systems – for recruiters around the world.

When not migrating data I am involved in HR/ Recruitment and Tech conferences. I have led tracks about HR topics such as future of recruitment agencies, agency v in-house, recruitment software and run data migration clinics in the UK and Europe.