Want to change your Recruitment Software but concerned about the safety of your data when you move?...

We securely migrate data from over 80 different Recruitment & HR CRM and ATS systems …

We have conducted Data Migrations in the UK, North America, Europe, Middle East and APAC regions…

We work with agencies, in-house recruiters and seamlessly integrate with the best recruitment software companies

Data Migration

Changing your Recruitment software is a big decision. Which software you choose to move
to will depend on many factors. But a move to a recruitment software provider that partners with DataMigrator guarantees a safe, secure and seamless transition for your crucial data and documents for a fixed-fee– no matter what your current system is (we have migrated from over 90 different systems to date).

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Data Cleansing

Sometimes also known as “Data Surgery”, data cleansing can refer to any process that can improve the quality of the information in your current system – for example testing email addresses for validity or fixing postal address errors using UK postcodes or US zip codes. We can add these services as part of a migration to another system or just to improve your existing database

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Data Extraction

Data Extraction is usually the first part of a data migration – but sometimes you may just need some of your data extracted into a format you can import yourself into another system or use for reporting / marketing etc. Whatever the purpose we can extract data from your current system into whatever format you require

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